Know more about us :-

Bajaj Express established in the year 2015 and pioneers in the field are today one of the fastest growing logistic company in India. Headquarter in Kolkata,West Bengal and having a national presence in 50+ branches all over India. Bajaj Express controls more than 40+ warehouses with over 35+ branches.

Bajaj Express is backed by more than 30 years experience of our director. We have the knowledge, expertise, confidence & infrastructure to cater to the over demanding requirement of our valued clients.
We have a fully computerized documentation and data processing system. The infrastructure is managed by well trained staff giving attention to minute details and ensuring safe and timely delivery of the cargo.

Transportation is the backbone of the economy. We need a reliable , safe and sustainable transport system to connect our communities and to connect us with our trading partners.


Team Work

Bajaj Express respect and give value to their employees.


We collaborate with our customer, supplier partners and each other to achieve logistic goals.

Customers Focus

We are committed to exceed the expectations of our customer.

Act with Integrity

We conduct business with integrity and trust so that we assure our customers total security of their goods transported.

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