We provide
the best


Full Truck Load

Provide Full Truck load (FTL) service all over the country. By providing the guarantee delivery within the time period promise.

Tea Logistics

Providing the best and safest TEA Logistic service. We have leveraged our strengths to India by extending our highly professional and personalized TEA logistics service to our branches.


Warehousea are available at most of the branches. Ample space are available to keep the goods safe for theft or damage.

FMCG Logistics

Streamlining the distribution of fast-moving consumer goods, optimizing inventory management, and ensuring on-shelf availability.

Container Service

We provide containerize for some specialized goods and to specific clients.

Iron & Steel Transport

Providing reliable logistics support for the transportation of iron and steel products, adhering to strict safety protocols and regulations.

Parcel Truck load

Spices Logistics